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SBR Connects: Chris Edge

SBR Connects: Chris Edge

SBR Connects with Chris Edge for insight into Austin radio and his radio programming thoughts. When we had our conversation, Chris was the Program Director of renowned KGSR as well as Director of Digital Media for Emmis Communications in fabulous Austin, Texas.

Shortly after this SBR Connects conversation with John Bradley, Chris left KGSR and Texas on his way to Raleigh, North Carolina, where he lived previously, to be Operations Manager of four Clear Channel radio stations (two Top 40 stations, Classic Hits and FM talk).

In this SBR Connects video you’ll hear how the ACL Festival and SXSW both helps and hurts KGSR; you’ll get a detailed explanation of how and why KGSR sounds the way it does now; you’ll find out his musical guilty pleasure; and discover if Chris Edge is his real name!